Why Credit Union Should Targeting BEP on Third Year ?

One of the advantages MSME [Micro Small & Medium Enterprise] is a small business, micro and medium enterprises are due to segmentation that can seep up – share to the elements most widely in society .
This is a concern of Koperasi Simpan Pinjam [KSP] or Credit Union [CU] or Credit Union Modifications [CUM] or there are some called it as Credo Union Modifications [CUM].
A Foresight to see that the market is available which many not explored it, the most basic elements of society makes me believe KSP or CU or CUM can reach Break Even Point [BEP] or reach point where he was able to pay herself for the third year accrualy.

1 . Managerial systems
One of the limitations of the traditional CU – but now there is no longer a conventional CU – is to “many” officers. Board which would make a lot of difficulty closing the book at the end of the day, or week, or monthly. Especially if it’s all voluntary workers abiss! Relatively difficult to gather a lot of people and bookkeeping match respectively.
Now, with the division of tasks and responsibilities in the KSP or CU or CUM, there the task of recording, to manufacture sheet can be accelerated by the presence of managerial who work full time. Nevertheless it does not guarantee at all, but their performance within the scope of management more accountable.

2 . A foresight Loans
For an institutions based cooperative governance, offices or agencies NPL is not necessarily a big problem. Because most of the members already secured installment loan payments from salary or income earned each month . Potong atas!! But in the KSP or CU or CUM – based folk with broad membership, we have a different wider challenge. This sort of effort that must be undertaken with painstaking jelly, thus lending from the beginning we can assist it, especially for productive enterprise is not just the consumer.
But the collectibility of loans that can be accounted became a special assignment of managerial, which operates under the philosophy that the KSP or CU or CUM established with the spirit of providing financial services, access to venture capital or advisory members. Collectibility means the fundraising potential installment of members who hold loans to KSP/ CU/CUM. To categorizing the ability of payment is gradually becoming an important concern of the Board and business KSP/CU/CUM. **

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