Kotbah Pada Akhir Tahun (Mazmur 118, 1-9)

Sermon At End of Year
December 31, 2013
Text : Psalm 118, 1-9

1. Dear brothers and sisters,
This pericope speaks of God’s promise to His faithful people waiting and hoping to Him. Often in times like these there is an opportunity for us to reflect back on our life journey we have been through. Ki le olam khasdo. It is something of a sign that God is faithful and remains on his promise to provide relief to people who rely upon Him.
Thank God that He allowed us an important step on the threshold of 2013 to 2014.
That this year was a difficult year for most of us thank God because He did not let us in the world that there is no trouble. For all eternity kept secret in the Bible, that in every adversity make us human are really tough and strong to face difficulties.
We should be grateful to God because he did not break the reed that has withered, He does not necessarily extinguish the lamp wick that has nearly extinguished! No! He kept the promise of salvation and He trusted to do all his promises.

2. Psalms sung by the Israelites often reciprocated in the form of replies or responsorial that we know nowadays. There are those who sing, ”Let us praise the Lord !”. Others may answer, ”Yes, because all His grace!”. The others went on : ”If we do not praise the Lord..”. Then the others replied, ”These stones will cry out to praise the Lord !”
This technique was introduced by the Lord himself, where he wants feedback, response, responsibility of the people who come to worship Him in the temple.
Just as He called the response of Moses, when Moses climbed a sanctuary, he must open his shoes alone because it is the most holy place. There we also met a dialogue, a conversation between the Lord God with Moses.
Thus dialogue, reciprocal conversation is something biblical. It was not opposed by the word of God. Such a response is not due to God alone, or for God ‘s glory and the less praiseworthy, so that those who worship God must give thanks to Him. But since God himself wants it.
Then ask and answer is biblical. It also reminds us of the dialogue, talks us as parents to our children. About our dialogue with our partner. It reminds us of the dialogue and our conversation with our brother; what extent we understand each other and understand speech is so important.

3. Psalm 118 reminds us of the ”days” mentioned as a gift and used by God. If we read verse 24, there is mentioned that ”This is the day the Lord has made..” This is the day. Each of these days. Jesus was quoting Psalm when he was in Gethsemane, to go through difficult times in his humanity facing a very severe temptation it.
For us Christians, of course we know that time – or the time when it is something God-given. But our faith further stated that every second and giving the gift is an opportunity (kairos). Time is not the only or the current period as time goes (chronos, or time). – From there came the term chronology – kaleidoscope – the time frames running. No ! Not just time that runs like clockwork ticking and keep on walking. But for us the time is every God-given opportunity.
Even as we sit here, at the intersection of worship in here before we enter the year 2014 only a few hours or minutes. This is an opportunity for us to do the will of God ; realize every intention Him in our lives.
We are always inspired by a dialogue between Master Oogway and his Master Chifu and Po (The animated movie Kung Fu Panda2) :

Yesterday is a history
Tomorrow is the future (with hope)
But today is a GRACE

Happy New Year 2014

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