Han – Minjung Theology : The Socioeconomic Historical Interpretation on Bible

YIM Taesoo one who announce the Bible reading through the socio-economic perspective. Taesoo, as Minjung`s theolog, in opinion on the essays says that there probably some differences among themselves. But the point of view in this statement was that the people ussualy see the interpretation from religious side, they elaborating it with biblical reading on socioeconomic of God.
Han means people, lay people which translated as oppresed people and society by oppresor, ie tyran gov and other power and phenomenon.
The characteristics of Political economy of Minjung summarized as follow :
1. An econnomy of justice : people do not squeeze out or steal others` property (Ex 20,17)
2. An economy of sharing : He who gathered much did not have too much, and he who gathered little do not have too little (Ex 16,18)
3. An economy of service : People look after socially weak persons (Deut 14,28-9).

There were 2 papers of Taesoo, YIM
-Minjung Theol. : Towards a Second Reformation –Overcoming the Oppresion, Explotation, Violence and Globalization of Western Chr Countries-
-Interpretation of the OT from perspective of Minjung Theol.


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