symbian bible


Symbian OS Bible Reader for Series 60 and 80

Symbianbible is a bible reader for devices (mobile phones) that uses Symbian OS Series 60 and 80.

The file access engine is ported from the well known bible reader for Palm: Bible+ , so you can use many bible files that are already available for the Bible+. Starting from version 0.98 the file compatibility is quite good. The current version of this program only supports latin text, Hebrew, and Greek, non latin text such as Chinesse, Japanese is not yet (fully) supported (see notes on Chinese text at the bottom of this page)


Symbianbible can be downloaded from this link (you can download it directly to the phone):

Version Main Site Alternate site
S60V1 (e.g: Nokia 3650, 3660, Siemens SX1, etc) s60biblev1-0.98.sis s60biblev1-0.98.sis
S60V2 (e.g: Nokia 6600, 7610, etc) s60biblev2-0.98.sis s60biblev2-0.98.sis
S60V3 (e.g: Nokia E61, E50, etc) s60biblev3-0.98.sis s60biblev3-0.98.sis
S80V1 (e.g: Nokia 9210) s80biblev1-0.98.1.sis s80biblev1-0.98.1.sis
S80V2 (e.g: Nokia 9300, 9300i, 9500) s60biblev2-0.98.1.sis s80biblev2-0.98.1.sis

Not sure which one to download? You can try each version (just the

Current Translation

The user interface language of Symbian bible will follow the current phone language. You can translate this program to your language by downloading the symbianbible.en file and following the Instruction in the file. You could ask me if anyone has started a translation for a particular language.

Language Translator
English Yohanes Nugroho
Bahasa Indonesia Yohanes Nugroho
Portuguese alb3530
Russian Величко Михаил (will be released on next version)
Spanish Oscar B (will be released on next version)

Obtaining Bible FilesSymbianBible uses the same bible files that are used by Bible+, no modification is needed to use the bible files. The Bible+ homepage has a link to available bibles on the internet, you can have a look at their bible page.

You can also convert the bible from unboundbible to PDB format using the instruction for converting bible files that has been provided by Nelson Neves. These instrutions are somewhat complicated but at least they work and you can choose from about 43 languages to create your Bible.

If the display for Greek or Hebrew text is scrambled, then you can install the ClearlyU font or other fonts that contains Greek/Hebrew glyphs.

To install a font globally (visible to all applications), copy the font files to your memory card (MMC/SD/MicroSD/MiniSD) at “\System\Fonts”. It is possible to copy the font files to your phone memory, but you will not be able to uninstall it, and it may crash your phone.


Copyright © 2004-2006, Yohanes Nugroho or


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